Why do we need our personal information ?

We do not ask for any unnecessary information !
When you are a receiver, the sender of the package will need your information, that's why we ask for it !

I clicked on participate but no addresses are displayed...

That means there is no receiver available, no panic, come back in a few days and it will certainly be fine!

Is it free ?

Yes, the site is totally free, however, the shipping costs of the package are at your expense.

How to send a package ?

C’est très simple , vous pouvez même l’envoyer depuis votre boite aux lettres ! :
Utiliser ce site pour comparer les tarifs :

I still don't receive my package after several weeks...

If after several weeks there are no packages in your mailbox, please contact us.

Why is my country not available?

For cost reasons(shipping costs of a package), the exchanges are for the moment only open to Europeans, thank you for understanding.

Is the person I am sending the package to the same person who is sending to me?

No. They are two completely different people. However, in some instances, like if you are in a country with very few participants, there is the possibility that you and your giftee can be matched in a pair.

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